Video Testimonials

Note: Videos are in Spanish



Yadira M. - CA

"Hi my name is Yadira Maldonado and I got my Univision Card because it seemed like a good option for saving money, traveling; if you lose it you can quickly replace it, you can use it in many places like stores to buy clothes, just everywhere."



Rosario R. - CA

"I liked the Univision Card because it doesn’t get me into debt, I just spend what I have and I can pay my bills over the Internet. I recommend this Card to everybody."

Janeth H. - CA

"I want to thank the Univision Card for being so useful for everything. Having to go out with the kids to pay the bills was such a hassle, so I am very grateful that I can finally pay my bills without having to leave home."


Guadalupe G. - CA

"I am very happy with my Univision Mastercard because I can manage good my money and I can use it anywhere and it’s easy to add money to It. Thank you Univision."


Francisco M. - Carrollton, TX

"I got the Univision Card because it’s practical and simple to use. Plus it’s reloadable and it’s doesn’t force you into excessive fees and spending. I think this was a great idea Univision had which keeps opening doors for the Hispanic people in these difficult times. Congratulations and keep up with your objectives."